2016 smyles….

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Landmark is still alive, still in closed beta/ Everquest Next is dead, cancelled by the new owners Daybreak games. I am still in Landmark. Here is a shot of my ocean land.2016_Ocean_Plot

2014 wow time is @ warp speed

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Sorry nothing new from me recently. But I have found EQNL  where you can build and create.  I have had a blast these last few weeks in Alpha.  Now waiting for Closed beta to start this week.OpenEQNL_House_View

Time Fly’s ‘0’h my……….

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It is almost June 2013.

I have not had a bit of time to create or innovate. June is a month traditionally filled with weddings. It is also Pride month. Drop by my shoppe and check out the beautiful unique items I had created to celebrate love.Engraved Smother Me Ring 8-15-09

Let it snow…… as again it is that time of the season….. ; ) Time Flys

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The Season of majik is upon us

May the season find you in peace and happiness Enjoy….

…. and go check out my shoppe for wonderful giftables…..

October…. brrrrrrr & ^;;^

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Tis my favorite holiday ^;;^

Suhmmmherrrrr =D moi

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it is what it is

<3 time <3 <3

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February rolls in as we are in the midst of a ‘normal’ winter here 9 inches of snow due during the day into the eve…

A good time for hearts to give and get…