Mhaijik in Dual Universe

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I am now in Dual Universe, a space oriented game. Here:

It has a lot of potential like LandMark did.

Building with Voxels not like SL Prims .

I cannot make the tiny things like the jewelry I made in SL. I am trying to learn how to make larger things 🙂

2017 Daybreak announces the sunset of Landmark – 2/21/2017

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collagelmwalllm_2sidcornershotmhaijiksiglmSadly the end of a wonderful sandbox game is ending.  In-world tribute; residents are creating a sunset wall. Here is a collage of screenshots I had taken.

Merry Christmas 2016

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2017 should find me with more time to explore and do things I really want to do. Suddenly in August 2016 I found I was going to have a lot more free time than I had planned on. The company I had worked for for many, many years is undergoing transformation and the job role I had been performing was found to be no longer needed. The role was eliminated along with myself and many of my friends.  It was a sudden change and shock, but in the long run personally I think it was a good event for me. I have been meaning to do so many things, but work was always in the way. Now I have the free time to get back into art, writing, making my jewelry, (after I learn a mesh app), and travel.

Landmark is still going and is now Open to the public. You can find it on Steam or search Landmark the game. Do come and join us. Although I cannot make jewelry in here, it is an awesome game to build things in. You can also make your own adventures and games others can come and enjoy by using the game tools available.

2016 Landmark Christmas Card.xmas_lndmrk16

2016 smyles….

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Landmark is still alive, still in closed beta/ Everquest Next is dead, cancelled by the new owners Daybreak games. I am still in Landmark. Here is a shot of my ocean land.2016_Ocean_Plot

2014 wow time is @ warp speed

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Sorry nothing new from me recently. But I have found EQNL  where you can build and create.  I have had a blast these last few weeks in Alpha.  Now waiting for Closed beta to start this week.OpenEQNL_House_View

Time Fly’s ‘0’h my……….

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It is almost June 2013.

I have not had a bit of time to create or innovate. June is a month traditionally filled with weddings. It is also Pride month. Drop by my shoppe and check out the beautiful unique items I had created to celebrate love.Engraved Smother Me Ring 8-15-09

Let it snow…… as again it is that time of the season….. ; ) Time Flys

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The Season of majik is upon us

May the season find you in peace and happiness Enjoy….

…. and go check out my shoppe for wonderful giftables…..

October…. brrrrrrr & ^;;^

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Tis my favorite holiday ^;;^

Suhmmmherrrrr =D moi

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it is what it is

<3 time <3 <3

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February rolls in as we are in the midst of a ‘normal’ winter here 9 inches of snow due during the day into the eve…

A good time for hearts to give and get…